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The Rada Turnover is a large metal spatula you will reach for again and again!

Constructed from stainless steel, this spatula has no shortage of uses. The large face is sized for cooking and grilling, while the sturdy ridge ensures optimal stability for manipulating foods. The handle is perfectly sized so that it’s simple to grip but short enough to easily control, making the Turnover a breeze to use. The slots on the face allow grease to drain, making it perfect for cooking burgers, though you’ll also use it for grilling or frying chicken, fish, vegetables, and more!

This large spatula will come in handy outside of the frying pan or grill. You won’t find a better tool to remove fresh-baked cookies from a piping hot baking sheet, or to scoop up gooey homemade brownies from a pan (albeit large sized brownies!). The edge is strong enough to cut through sticky items for removal or serving.

Those who have tried the Turnover for themselves agree that it is the best spatula they have in their kitchen.

“This is a great utensil; it is sturdy and well made. Best of all, it is made in the United States!” said one Turnover user.

“I am very happy with this turner. It is sturdy but not too thick, making it easy to get underneath items on a cookie sheet,” said another of its usefulness.

“This is one of the Rada kitchen tools that you only have to buy once. Most of their products last forever, unless you accidentally throw them away,” raved a 5-star Amazon review. “They do the job well and stay looking nice even after years of use.”

Not only is the Turnover made in the USA, it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can purchase and use with confidence!

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Available in silver or black.