Shea Nation Red Raspberry Jam

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Provide the best in full-bodied flavor and outstanding quality with these pure red raspberry jam!  This lush jam burst with the mouth-watering taste of tart, yet sweet, premium red raspberries. This red raspberry jam is the perfect blend of tangy fruit pieces and saccharine syrup, making them a delicious addition to exclusive breakfast.

Add just the right amount of sweetness to your cooked entrees or baked goods with this red raspberry jam. These alluring, red-colored jam make the perfect cool, tangy, and subtly sour spread for toast and breakfast biscuits. Top pancakes or waffles with the summery taste of fresh-picked raspberries and enhance your dishes with refreshing fruity flavor that your patrons crave!

Light and sweet, this raspberry jam makes a delicious filling for donuts or layered cakes. Apply this jam to a variety of offerings, from fruity marinades to profitable pastries.