Stutzman's Muscadine Jelly

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Homemade farm products from Stutzman’s Pantry originate from Bellville, AR located in the shadow of Mt. Magazine.

Melvin and his Amish-Mennonite farm family of eleven work together to grow, can and bake a wonderful assortment of desirable items that satisfy customers taste buds for miles around.

Melvin takes immense pride in sustainably growing delicious winter tomatoes in hoop houses, so that they begin ripening and are available in January.

Colorful pint jars of jellies and jams in all fruit varieties, pickled beets, pepper relish and apple butter are canned right on the farm in their AR Health Dept. approved kitchen.

Their old-world traditions and processes demand homemade and handmade excellence. The Stutzman’s assure their customers that whatever they purchase has the utmost quality built-in, every time, from the ground up.

Other families in the Amish Community also market their homemade products through the Stutzman’s.