Rada Serrated Steak Knife

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The Serrated Steak Knife is one of our most popular knives at Rada, and with good reason; it’s the best way to get perfect cuts of the meat you love.

What makes our Serrated Steak special is the surgical-quality, high-carbon stainless steel blades, whose small, sharp, single-sided serrated edges effortlessly cut through all your favorites. Name a meat, and this will cut through it with ease; beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, if it needs slicing, this knife’s saw-like edge will get the job done. You will find yourself using this steak knife to cut pork chops, roasts, loins, ribs, ham, grilled chicken breast, and so much more!

No kitchen is complete without a set of Rada Serrated Steak knives. We sell them individually and in sets, so they make a great buy for yourself or a wonderful gift for friends and family.

Since 1948, Americans have been enjoying Rada, a name synonymous with high-quality, high-value products. Countless groups have taken to fundraising with Rada Knives, trusting the brand to help support an array of worthy causes, and we are proud to have contributed to such noble efforts. We’re glad to say that our customers agree:

“Love these steak knives! I had some that tore the meat and didn't cut. These cut wonderfully!” said one customer.

I love my Rada steak knives! It actually takes less effort to cut food because the knives are so, so sharp,” said another satisfied customer. “The quality and workmanship is really good (Of course, it's made in America!). I'm proud to buy an American made product and you can't beat the price.”

“These knives work great! You just can't beat the quality you get for the price. I would highly recommend them,” raved one Serrated Steak user in a 5-star Amazon review.

Available in silver or black.