Rada Pizza Cutter

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Consider your search for the world’s best pizza cutter over. The Rada Pizza Cutter easily slices pizza every time, making it a cinch to portion out perfectly cut and sized pizza slices.

Whether you’re working with frozen, homemade, or carry-out pizza, our  pizza cutter allows you to make clean, effortless cuts through your favorite pie.

The pizza cutter’s classic design features a 3-inch wheel suited for pizzas of any thickness. Its one-sided tapered ground blade has a rugged cutting edge that makes short work of stubborn crust while maintaining sharpness over countless uses.

But don’t be fooled by the name; the Rada Pizza Cutter works for more than just pizza. Its circular blade also makes perfect, symmetrical cuts of bread dough, homemade pasta, quesadillas, herbs, and desserts such as giant cookies.

“It looks and feels like it was made to last,” said one customer. “The cutter works well on firm whole wheat crust and the stainless steel blade cleans up nicely in hot water.”

“It's great, cuts well, is easy to wash, and durable. I'm happy!” wrote another satisfied customer in a 5-star Amazon review.

Available in silver or black.