Rada Heavy Duty Paring Knife

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The Heavy Duty Paring knife is one of our longer paring knives, one ideally suited for a wide range of kitchen tasks.

Featuring a 3 ¼-inch blade, the Heavy Duty Paring knife is great for cutting, slicing, and coring fruits and vegetables. Its handle is slightly longer than other paring knives, meaning that you have superior leverage when cutting an array of foods, making cutting and slicing tasks as simple as can be.

The extra control afforded by the Heavy Duty Paring means that it is your go-to knife for cutting larger foods, such as cucumbers or potatoes, while its stainless steel blade also makes quick work of small and medium items, too, such as apples, onions, or strawberries. It’s even useful for preparing and trimming meats such as chicken breasts! This large paring knife is one of the most useful and commonly used tools in the kitchen of anyone who owns it.

Our customers agree that the Heavy Duty Paring is an essential part of any cook’s kitchen.

“Best knife I have ever owned,” raved one Heavy Duty Paring user. “I am now buying ONLY Rada products for my kitchen!”

“This is a great paring knife. Cuts everything,” said another satisfied customer.

“This may be the best paring knife I have ever had. This knife is well-balanced, sharp and able to handle even chicken bones,” raved another customer in a 5-star Amazon review.

The Heavy Duty Paring knife, like all Rada products, is 100% manufactured in the USA – materials and workmanship (see video). Rada prides itself on making superior products at excellent prices, many of which are sold to help fundraise for worthy causes such as that of schools, churches, charities, hospitals, and more. Best of all, they come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Available in silver or black.