Rada Handi-Stir

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The Rada Handi-Stir is a wire whisk with so many uses that it will become one of the most used items in your kitchen.

This wire whisk is specially designed to get the best, most efficient results in a way your standard whisk isn’t. The unique style allows it to reach corners and bottoms of pans for maximum mixing contact, ensuring that your recipes are blended as well as possible. The stainless steel spring is shaped so that food doesn’t stick, meaning you can focus on making your favorite dish instead of worrying about the utensils.

This hand whisk is perfect for mixing batters, gelatin, gravies, sauces, and more. Whatever recipe might require mixing, the Handi-Stir makes the job as easy as possible.

According to our customers, the Handi-Stir is the best whisk they have ever had.

“A whisk is a whisk is a whisk. Except when it is designed like this. This style is far more effective than the traditional wire loop style. I bought it because Rada is Made in the USA, and only expected it to be as good as the one it replaced. It's better and it supports American manufacturing,” said one Handi-Stir user.

“Small, but very effective. I would buy this whisk again over the traditional design in a heartbeat. And made in the USA!” said another.

“I love this little gadget! It works so well for a number of things, is very easy to clean up and it's made in the USA. It was also very reasonably priced. Who could ask for anything more?” wondered another customer in a glowing, 5-star Amazon review.

Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has produced superior cutlery and kitchen utensils. Through countless resellers and fundraisers, “Rada” has become synonymous with “quality” in kitchens all across America, even as they are also revered for their fantastic, inexpensive value.

The Handi-Stir is not only made in the USA, it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Available in silver or black.