Rada Cook's Spoon w/ Holes

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This large spoon features an extra long handle to allow you to easily reach the bottom of pans and dishes. It has a thumb recess for comfort, with holes in the bowl of the spoon to drain juices and liquids. This makes a perfect serving spoon for fruits and cooked vegetables, as well as the ideal utensil for cooking pasta.

The stub-nosed cooking spoon design provides for better stirring and scraping of the flat surface of pans.  The stainless steel construction ensures a durability that will make it an invaluable implement in your kitchen for years to come.  Click here to view all of Rada Cutlery’s Spoon offerings.

Since 1948, Rada Mfg. Co. has been making the nation’s finest cutlery and kitchen utensils. Rada Cutlery products are entirely made in the USA, ensuring unbeatable American ingenuity in design and workmanship in construction.  Rada’s kitchen knives and utensils carry a Lifetime Guarantee.

There are many ways in which our customers come to be familiar with Rada Cutlery. Many discover us through resellers who offer our products in stores, fairs, festivals, farmer’s markets and shows across the country. Others have had Rada products in their kitchen for decades and have come to know the brand as surely as any other.