Rada Chef's Dicer Knife

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The Rada Chef’s Dicer is one of the most useful knives a kitchen could have, one well suited for a large number of tasks.

The Chef’s Dicer features a 5 ¾-inch blade for easy chopping of meats and vegetables. The familiar meat cleaver shape aids in food preparation, while the offset handle keeps your knuckles clear of the blade for safe chopping. It’s the ideal knife to cut chicken wings, prepare stir fry, dice ham, and more, all made easy by the square shape of the stainless steel blade.

Customers agree that the Chef’s Dicer is one of the best knives they have ever used.

“Sharp, light, study, comfortable, and very versatile. I still keep in in the sleeve after a few months and the blade has stayed sharp,” said one Chef’s Dicer user.

“I really love this knife!” said another customer. “It is lightweight and very easy to use.”

“This knife is great and sharp. I would buy this one again as it is very affordable. Highly recommended wouldn't even bother buying any other knives,” raved another in a 5-star Amazon review.

A wonderful companion items for chefs and serious cooks is Rada’s French Chef Knife which is 13” in overall length.