Rada Carving Fork

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The Rada Carving Fork is what you’ll want at your side when you’re ready to proudly cut and serve meat at the dinner table.

This 9 ½ inch carving fork is designed with long prongs to be used in the carving and lifting of cooked meats. The tines provide a secure grasp on your meat of choice, be it a Thanksgiving turkey, succulent roast, or mouthwatering chicken. The piercing tip will easily penetrate any meat’s surface, while the high-quality stainless steel construction ensures unparalleled durability.

Many cooks also use the carving fork to turn meat while grilling or cooking in a frying pan on the stove.  The versatility of uses makes it a must have for most homes.

Our customers agree that this is the best meat fork they have ever tried.

“I have some of about all [Rada] makes, I added this right before Thanksgiving and came in handy with the turkey carving. Because of the price on these, no reason why everyone cannot own them,” said one customer.

“I love this fork with fine tip prongs. It has a very classic style and is very rich looking. Cleans up so easily,” said another.

“I'm really glad I got this carving fork. It also has a sturdy feel to it when holding the handle and the tips are sharp,” wrote one customer in a 5-star Amazon review.

The Carving Fork is just one of dozens of Rada products that have set the American standard for both quality and affordability. Our cutlery and kitchen utensils are of superior quality while also being wallet friendly. This is because Rada cuts out the middlemen and works directly with resellers and fundraisers to provide consumers with the best products available.

All of Rada’s products are 100% made in the USA. The Rada Carving Fork, like all Rada cutlery, comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so it’s the last one you will ever need to buy!

Available in silver or black.