Rada Bagel Knife

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The Rada Bagel Knife is an absolutely indispensible utensil not just for bagel lovers, but for those who cherish baked goods of all kinds!

Using the Bagel Knife puts you a cut above slicing bread with an ordinary knife. It features a stainless steel blade with a wide, double-sided serrated edge, rendering it ideal to cutting through baked goods. You will eagerly use the Bagel Knife on bagels, muffins, and cakes, its serrations are well-suited to an array of everyday cutting tasks. The surgical-quality blade easily cuts through the outside of harder bagels and baked goods, meaning that you can have your favorite baked goods perfectly sliced every single time!

This glowing, 5-star review on Amazon says it all:

“This knife is my favorite, I've bought all my Rada knives from a little Amish store in Houlton, ME. This knife is good for slicing bread and bagels (i.e. the bagel knife). Its bade is shorter than some bread knives, which makes it a bit easier to wield. They have a nice, clean look, high quality, and are made in the USA.”

As noted by the satisfied home cook, the Bagel Knife, like all Rada products, is made entirely in the USA. American ingenuity and workmanship go into the design and production of everything we offer at Rada Cutlery, ensuring kitchen knives and utensils celebrated for their superior quality.

From our production facility to your kitchen, we fully stand behind everything manufactured by our company. As a result, the Bagel Knife, like all our cutlery, comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Available in silver or black.